About us


I started Summer Bees with the vision to liberate women of all ages, shapes and sizes to feel happy, confident and free.

Just like ecosystem is 80% reliant on the pollination by bees, what would the world be like without us?

Summer Bees comes fresh and alive in 2016, empowering you to follow your instincts and unleash the natural abilities that you were... well... just born with. ;P

We sell the authentic high-end Brazilian swimwear, made in nowhere other than... Brazil.

All our swimwear are designed and crafted by Brazilian swimwear experts, following the latest local fashion and using local sewing techniques.

Items are made of crochet, waterproof lining (100% Polyamide), Lycra® yarn, 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex. All items are tested and inspected for quality pre-sale, and all accessories undergo anti-corrosion treatment. 

We have an 100% return policy and do shipping within Australia and worldwide.

I hope you like the pieces that I have hand picked, especially for you.